About Us

About Us

Sure, we may be located out on the Left Coast (the Best Coast), be we don't want to see your hopes and dreams dashed because you can't manage your money. Make the dash with us and we'll show you exactly how to get the best cash loans and the money that you need. We have been doing this for almost three months now and we are pretty sure that we know what we are doing. Do you have any idea how many people we have helped recently? Here is just a short list of our clients:

  1. Tara Reid: That boob fiasco cost her money in court.
  2. Robert Downey, Jr: He needed a new gun.
  3. M.C. Hammer: Better than filing for bankruptcy 'cause he was "Too legit to quit."
  4. Ben Affleck: All down hill after Gigli, but he had to buy Jennifer Garner a ring.

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